Convert customer info into verified customer insight.

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Get real-time customer identity verification coupled with anti-fraud, location accuracy, OFAC screening, compliance monitoring, plus much more.

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Customer Data Services On-Demand

Customer Identity Verification

Find out who your customers really are without making them jump through hoops or delaying their purchases.

Identity Matching & Authentication
Find out if your customers giving you accurate information and have it verified.

Age/Date Of Birth Validation
If you have age restrictions for your site then validating the identity is first step.

Address & Phone Number Verification
Get access to multiple ways to contact your customer and verify its authenticity.
Knowledge Based Authentication
Provide some "Q&A" for your customers to make sure that they are who they say they are.

Confidence Scoring & Reporting
See valuable insights into your customer base with real-time scoring for risk, value, and accuracy of information.

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Identity Verification

Location Validation

Discover the true location of your customers and find out how location effects your sales and security.

Location Validation

Customer / Device Location
Get the real location of your customer when they login, purchase, & update their account.

Alert Location Hi-Jacking
Monitor customer access when they are behind a firewall or connected to a proxy server.

Access Real Geo-Location
Map where your customers are and create location specific messages.
Monitor locations for risk & value
Be alerted to customers that login from multiple locations at the same time.

Location for Tablets, Desktops, & Mobile Phones
Some of our more advanced features allow you to track your customers with GPS level accuracy.

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Payment Monitoring and Management

Verify and secure the payments from your customers easily and without the need to re-code your site.

PCI compliant payments
Get full PCI compliance for your payments and secure your customers information.

Create Tokens for payment methods
Save payment method tokens, not credit card numbers.
Customer Identity + Payment Identity
Keep your payment risk low and your customers safe from fraud.

Payment Location + Device Location
Get real-time feedback on the risk associated with payments when the location doesn't line up with the customers identity.

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Payment Monitoring & Management

Watch List Monitoring

Monitor and safe guard your company against potential high risk individuals that may disrupt your business.

Location Validation

Compliance & Identity Alerts
Find out if your customers match any known criminal element or high risk association.

Location + Watch List
Monitor Watch List results in combination with location to stop unlawful access.
Global Red Flags Monitoring
Anti-Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Black Lists, & Exclusion Monitoring.

OFAC, United Nations, Terror Suspects
Automated screening and alerts let you control and audit how you do business.

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