Convert customer info into verified customer insight.

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Get real-time customer identity verification coupled with anti-fraud, location accuracy, OFAC screening, compliance monitoring, plus much more.

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Know your customer. Secure your business.


Find out who your customers really are without making them jump through hoops or delaying their purchases.


Discover the true location of your customers and find out how location effects your sales and security.


Verify and secure the payments from your customers easily and without the need to re-code your site.


Detect and monitor your customers for potential fraud & high risk individuals that may disrupt your business.

Minimum Data provides Maximum Returns


Your Customer Data

Jason Franklin
Date of Birth:
* Address:
1202 Hollow Oak Way, Houston, TX 77002 USA
* Citizenship:
United States

* Suggested but optional

Our API Response with Customer Insight Data

Jason Franklin
Jason David Franklin
Jay Franklin
JD Franklin
Date of Birth:
1202 Hollow Oak Way, Houston, TX 77002 USA
118 Cloverfield Ln., Pearland, TX 77584 USA
7104 Rainwater Ct., Houston, TX 77004 USA
9114 James St. Deer Park, TX 77536 USA
United States
Social Media: /in/jadfranklin/ /JasonDavidFranklin87/
CDI COLLEGE Programmer Analyst - 01/01/2012 - 12/31/2015
Moores University Computer Science - 01/01/2016 - 12/31/2017
Job History:
Apple Computer Corp. - May 2018
98.7 (Identity Accuracy)
71.4 (Anti-Fraud)
Houston, TX USA
LAT: 29.76328, LON: -95.36327
Radius: 30mtr
Accuracy: 90.6
Account Flags:
High-Risk Device, Suspected VPN, Blocked Location, Duplicate Account Alert

Plus much more regarding the customers' associates & family, service history, OFAC/Watch List screening, etc.

Smart Services & Simple Implementation

Integrate the EvolveID Smart Identity Service with full Customer Insight, Payments, Location, and Fraud Detection in less time than it takes to download other companies API documents.

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  • Verify customer identity with multiple data sources

    Your customers identity are checked and verified against multiple data sources for the highest accuracy rating. We compare your customers data to credit bureaus, motor vehicle records, census addresses, security watch list, marketing list, and much much more. You get the benefit of hundreds of data points with only one connection.

  • Validate customer identity using KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication)

    Customer identity is verified by presenting a series of multiple question sets and then gauging their response. This form of identity validation provides the highest level of accuracy and allow your customers to supply information to you in a more comfortable and less intrusive manner than requiring them to complete needless forms requesting them to provide SSN, Address, Phone Number, etc.

  • We connect the dots and detect fraud & false identities.

    We monitor and alert you to fraud based on False Identity Networks that compile stolen identities, payment methods, device fraud, and much more. Your connectivity provides you with a proactive approach to fraud management and limits your exposure to fraudulent activity.

  • Detect and stop multi-account abuse with our Smart Identity Match solutions

    EvolveID encourages you to generate and use a system of Unique Customer IDs that helps to intelligently manage your customer base and its association with other networks around the globe. We detect and tag identities and provide you customer identity matching and accuracy scoring so that you know if you have 10 new customers or just 1 new customer signing up 10 times.

Access services via API and Dashboard

  • Real-time API Data

    Integrate directly into our powerful customer identity verification sevrices for real-time data access and optimal security.

  • System Dashboard/Portal

    If you can't integrate into our powerful and flexible API you can always login to our secure portal and run Identity Verification on your customers manually.


Integration: From Your Site to the Dashboard

Service Pricing & Usage Control



  • Identity Verification
  • Real-Time Location
  • Anti-Fraud Scoring
  • 75 Identity Validations



  • Identity Verification
  • Real-Time Location
  • Anti-Fraud Scoring
  • 450 Identity Validations



  • Identity Verification
  • Real-Time Location
  • Anti-Fraud Scoring
  • 2,000 Identity Validations



  • Identity Verification
  • Real-Time Location
  • Anti-Fraud Scoring
  • 5,500 Identity Validations

Please contact us if you would like to be provided with a custom pricing package.

Additional service usage that runs above the selected billing package will billed at $.70 for Identity Validations and $.05 for Compliance Monitoring.

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Easy Integration

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Robust & Scalable

Built-in Security

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EvolveID is a trusted leader in identity verification solutions.

Since 2011, TSEVO has provided innovative solutions for customer insight/identity, real-tine location, compliance monitoring, payment management, and much more. These solutions combined with fraud prevention tools for organizations operating in a digital environment have been a leader in the world of online gaming, banking, healthcare, and other high-risk industries. The EvolveID platform's real-time consortium monitors and stops fraudulent activity while also driving revenue, decreasing costs, and meeting compliance regulations for companies around the world.